The Eldorado of sweet white French wines

Another golden challenger exists in terms of sweet liquorous white wines to Sauternes, Barsac and Cerons.


The Cotes de Bordeaux St-Macaire, that are officially the Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux, was once famous for its superb sweet white French wines. Because consumers are drinking less white French wine and the competition of their neighbours is murderous, this area increasingly is switching to producing red wine that is sold as Bordeaux or Bordeaux Superieur. Only 60 hectares still produces sweet white wine that may be called Cotes de Bordeaux StMacaire AC. Drinking temperature for St Macaire French wine: 8-9°C (46.4-48.2°F).


ste croix de montUnfortunately for the growers, the fine French wines of SteCroix-du-Mont are not as well known as their excellent quality deserves. The vineyards of SteCroix-du-Mont are directly opposite those of Sauternes on an ideal bed of chalk and gravel. The microclimate in Ste-Croix-du-Mont is also ideal for botrytis to do its work. In short, the same grapes, a superb terroir, the same beneficial microclimate, the same method of wine-making, virtually the same quality, but a much lower price.

You can drink this rich, full-flavoured, and fatty French wine with its bouquet of honey, citrus fruit, peach, quince, preserved fruit, spices and spiced bread, white flowers, etc., in the same way as Sauternes. Drink this French wine at temperature: 8-9°C (46.4-48.2°F).


Estate LoupiacThis French wine of Ste-Croix-du-Mont generally tends towards the liquorous while those of Loupiac to the north-west are more open. Loupiac is an ancient wine-growing area that was famous as early as I the thirteenth century.

Those French wines of Loupiac in comparison with those of Ste-Croix-du-Mont are perhaps fresher, certainly in terms of their aromas of oranges, peach, acacia, broom, quince with honey, preserved fruit, and almonds. This French wine is juicy, fatty, rich, and powerful, with a good balance between the considerable sweet- ness and fresh acidity. Drinking temperature for this Loupiac French wine: 8- 9°C(46.4-48.2°F).


The name of the American car maker from Detroit is probably derived from the village of Cadillac in the Gironde. It is not known for certain if the name cadillac-wineof the village was given to the wine in honour of the local Marquis de Cadillac or the name of the wine for the luxury American car. What is certain is that the sweet wine of Cadillac is of exceptional quality, but only gained AC status in 1980. The best Cadillac wines are full, fatty, and well-balanced. They tend more towards soft than liquorous. The nose is luxurious with aromas of preserved citrus fruit, toast, almonds, peach, honey, and occasional hint of beeswax. The taste is fully-flavoured with a good balance between sweet and sour. Drinking temperature: 8- 9°C (46.4-48.2°F) .