But all isn’t lost- new head of CIVB (conseilInterprofessionel des Vins de Bordeaux), Christian Delpeuch, mooted possibilities of declassifying some weaker Bordeaux wines into broader win de pays that can then get bolstered by the stronger wines coming from outside this region like deep, dark Tannat, that is traditional to southwest.

Delpeuch, managing director of the Ginestet is the biggest trader of the region and looks to have great understanding of Bordeaux business’s more commercial end. It is he who suggested creation of Vins des Cepagesd Aquitaine category for Bordeaux region. It’s under this region that different varieties of wine can be marketed.

Bordeaux wine regionGetting distracted from classic Bordeaux wines, this in fact will enhance their quality by tougher selection. At the market’s top end, bordelaise will once again sleep calmly in their bed because Robert Parker came for their tastings primeur in the year 2004.


Overview Bordeaux Wine

Gironde department and Bordeaux appellation are the same geographically. In fact, Gironde is France’s largest department and Bordeaux is the largest source of obtaining quality wines worldwide. More than 22000 vineyard proprietors are here working in 280,000 acres for producing more than 71 million cases of wine under fifty-seven varying appellations each year. Out of these, 22,000 are properties and nearly 10,000 are domains and chateaux producing Bordeaux wine. Among these, nearly 10,000 are wine producing properties and some 6000 are making as well as marketing wines under their own label. The remaining 4000 are wine producing properties that are members of fifty-three cooperative wineries available in Bordeaux and represent 25% production but little of it is selling under producing property name.


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