Pomerol is exceptionally sensual, creamy fat, fleshy and rounded, often with a mineral undertone in the aftertaste. Never drink it too young and certainly never before its fourth or fifth year for an ordinary Pomerol, and not before the sixth or seventh year for the better ones. Drink this Pomerol French wine at: 16-17°C (60 .8- 62.6°F) .


Lalande de Pomerol

North of the Pomerol area is the territory of Lalande de Pomerol. This French wine-growing area is far larger than Pomerol. Only red French wine is produced under this AC and in common with its grander cousins of Pomerol it is rich in aromas, full-bodied, powerful, fleshy, and fatty.

Thise French wines are discernible notes in the nose of plum, liquorice, ripe fruit, vanilla, spices (such as nutmeg), cocoa and coffee, and occasional suggestion of menthol. The top estates of Lalande de Pomerol can easily hold their own with the wines of Pomerol and St-Emilion. Drinking temperature for this Lalande de Pomerol French wine: 16-17°C (60.8-62.6°F).


Fronsac en Canon-Fronsac

Lalande de Pomerol French wineThis area of the Libournais is characterised by fairly steep hills reaching the astronomical height of about 75 metres (246 feet), providing wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. The underlying strata of this French wine area that extends to more than 1,100 hectares is calciferous clay. The hills contain more chalk; wine from these may bear the AC Canon-Fronsac.

Both French wines are red, elegant and refined but also fullflavoured and full-bodied. The bouquet contains clearly recognisable suggestions of ripe red fruit (cherry), vanilla, toast, leather, roasted almond and hazelnut, humus, and occasional hints of spices, menthol, coffee, or cocoa. Fronsac French wines can also contain floral notes of iris and violet and sometimes develop a smoky aura. Drinking temperature for Fronsac French wine: 16- 17°C (60.8-62.6°F).