This is a superb sweet and luxuriant Muscat wine that is very aromatic with suggestions of roses and honey. The taste is fulsome, rounded, and velvet smooth. You can drink this Greek wine at 6-12°C (42.8-53.6°F).


SAMOS Greek Wines

The island of Samos is much hillier than Limnos but it is ideal for growing vines. They are cultivated on terraces carved out of the sides of the two mountains on the island to a height of 800 metres (2,624 feet). The Muscat grapes thrive extraordinarily well here but the superb taste of this Samos Muscat is largely due to the great care taken with the grapes on the vines and in the winery.

The co-operatively organised growers have completely renewed their wine-making equipment in recent times with modem horizontally-operated pneumatic presses, computer-temperature control, stainless steel tanks, and new oak casks.

The quality of Samos wines was already excellent but not always uniform. Consumer tastes have also changed so that heavy and sticky wine without freshness is no longer popular. By controlling the temperature during fermentation, a much fresher and more balanced wine is now made.

Samos Greek WineThe Samos Vin Doux Naturel and Samos Vin Doux Naturel Grand Cru are natural sweet Greek wines with alcohol content of around 15%. These are golden yellow Greek wines with a floral nose (roses in particular), and suggestion of ripe fruit and honey. The rich taste is rounded and fatty, and although sweet, remains reasonably fresh. Drinking temperature for this Greek wine is 6-12°C (42.8-53.6°F) according to taste.

Samos Vin de Liqueur is modified with wine alcohol, making it both sweeter and more alcoholic than the ordinary Vin Doux Naturel. In this case drink this Greek wine at 6-8°C (42.8-46.4°F).

Samos Nectar is another natural sweet Greek wine with alcohol of 14%. This Greek wine is made with partially dried grapes and it is aged in wooden casks. This is a fuller and richer Greek wine than the previous three Samos wines but is exceptional both in taste and class. Drinking temperature is 6-8°C (42.8-46.4°F). Samos also produces a small amount of dry white Greek wine from Muscat (Samena) grapes. Drinking temperature for Muscat Greek wine is 10-12°C (50-53.6°F).