Epanomi Greek wine

Epatiako Greek WineThe Gerovassiliou make very proper and modernstyle topikos oinos or country wines from French and Greek grape varieties in Epanomi to the west of Chalkidiki. Their white Fume (Chardonnay and Assyrtiko) is full-bodied, rounded, and very pleasant. The red Ktima Gerovassiliou (Grenache Rouge and Petite Syrah) is exciting and fulsome in flavour and is also rounded and warm. The tannin in the wine means it can be kept for at least five years. Other good wines, though less impressive are those of Lazaridi (Drama).

The house of Tsantali makes several quite pleasing white and red topikos oinos or country wines in curious 'belly' bottles known as Makedonikos Topikos Oinos. Tsantali also produce a reasonable Athos Topikos Oinos and a subtle Agioritikos made from Assirtiko and Sauvignon Blanc. Finally, the Cava-style wines made by Tsantali and Boutaris are exceptionally good.


Zitsa region wine

Zitsa's vineyards are found to the north of Ipeiros, against the Albanian border at a height of about 1,968 feet (600 metres). Delicious still and sparkling wines are made here from Debina grapes. These wines are characterised by their elegance, freshness, and exuberant fruitiness. The sparkling Zitsa is available as semi-sparkling or imiafrodis krasi and fully-sparkling or afrodis krasi versions. Drinking temperature for this Greek wine is 46.4-50°F (8-10°C) .


Metsovo Greek wine

Gerovassiliou Chardonnay Epanomi Greek wineA Greek politician named Averoff dreamed of making the best wine of Greece. Although he never achieved this himself, his company has scaled unprecedented heights and may well make its founder's dreams come true. The vineyards are on south-easterly facing slopes of the Pindos mountains.

Pine red wines have been produced here for centuries but unfortunately the ancient vines were entirely destroyed by phylloxera. The original vines were replaced by Cabernet Sauvignon. Excellent Katogi Averoff red wine is made from these grapes, which are related to the Greek Agiorgitiko. This great wine can certainly be kept for ten years because of the tannin it contains. This ruby red wine is characterised by its intense aromatic power and fulsome taste that is velvet smooth (after maturing).

Katogi Averoff is now regarded as one of Greece's best wines and it is very expensive. Drinking temperature for this Greek wine is 62.6-64.4°F (17- 18°C) .


Thessalia Greek wine

Thessalia is situated to the south of Macedonia and it borders Ipeiros to the west, the Aegaen to the east, and Central Greece to the south. The area is dominated by the imposing Mount Olympus (9,570 feet /2,917 metres) and it is bisected by the Pineios river. Thessalia is clearly an agricultural region. The best vineyards are sited on slopes or close to the sea. The vines planted on flat countryside are for grapes sold to be eaten or for poor wines.


Rapsani Greek wine

Rapsani's vineyards are planted on the slopes of Mount Olympus at heights of 984-1,640 feet (300-500 metres). The climate here is fairly moist and above all cold in the winter. Yet the siting of the vineyards guarantees full sunshine and excellent red wines. The basic grapes used for Rapsani are Xinomavro, Krassato, and Stavroto, which combines to produce a fresh, rich, and elegant red wine. Drinking temperature for this Greek wine is 57.2-60.8°F (14-16°C).


Nea Anchialos Greek wine

The vineyards of Nea Anchialos are sited close to the sea near Volos. The Rhoditis vines grow at a height of 328-656 feet (100- 200 metres) and their grapes make a fresh and elegant white wine. Drinking temperature for this Greek wine is 46.4-50°F (8-10°C).