Lombardy (Lombardia) lies right in the centre of northern Italy running from the foot of the Alps to the Po valley. Various tributaries of the River Po flow from the Alps, of which the best known is the Tieino.

 The area is characterised by water and it is home to four huge lakes: Lago Maggiore, Lago Como, Lago Iseo, and Lago Garda (Lake Garda etc.in English).

Lombardy is a fairly large area with a number of famous cities and towns including Milan (Milano), Como, Bergamo, Pavia, Cremona, Brescia, and Mantua (Mantova) . This is a land of great contrasts such as that between the bustle of commercial life in the big cities and the quiet rural life in the picturesque mountain villages.

Lombardy's wine-growing is fairly concentrated, especially in Valtellina (north east of Milan), around Lake Garda and in the Oltrepo Pavese (around Pavia, in the south).The Lombardian attitude to wine is 'small but fine '. It is surprising that the inhabitants of the big towns and cities seem to prefer wines from other regions to their own.


 You will search in vain in Milan for a bottle of local wine but this is no problem for the wine industry for rural consumption is almost equal to the production. Little wine is available for export.