The ordinary Malvasia contains at least 15% alcohol, Passito 18%, and Liquoroso 20%. Drinking temperature is according to taste for this Italian wine 10-12°C (50-53.6°F) for the less sweet versions and either 16-18°C (60.8-64.4°F) or 6-8°C (42.8-46.4°F) for the sweeter and heavier types Italian wines.


Etna Rosso Italian WineReasonable white, rosé, and red Italian wines are made from vines on the fertile slopes of Mount Etna near Catania. The Bianco and Bianco Superiore are made from Carricante and Cataratto Bianco grapes, possibly augmented with Trebbiano and Minella Bianca. Serve this fresh, dry, mild, and light Italian wine as an aperitif or with fish. Drink this Bianco Italian wine at 8-10°C (46.4-50°F). The Rosato and Rosso wines are made from Nerello (Mascalese and Mantellato/Cappuccio). Both wines are dry, fulsome, warm (minimum 12.5% alcohol), sturdy in structure and quite strong in taste. Drink this Itaian wine at 12°C (53.6°F) for the Rosato and 16°C (60.8°F) for the Rosso.



This Italian wine was highly regarded by the ancient Romans who called it Pollio. It is made near Siracusa. The Moscato Naturale (minimum 11.5% alcohol) smells intensely of freshly-picked Muscat grapes and this is reflected in the taste. Drink this Italian wine at 8-10°C (46.4-50°F). The Moscato Spumante (minimum 13% alcohol) is a full and sultry sparkling wine of stuporific aromatic strength. Such a wine does not fail to evoke the emotions. Drink this Italian wine at 8-10°C (46.4-50°F).

The Moscato Liquoroso (minimum 22% alcohol) is a fortified wine. This Italian wine combines the sweet and fruity strength of the Muscat grapes with the warmth and roundness provided by the alcohol. Drink this Moscato Italian wine at 6-8°C (42.8-6.4°F).