carska blatina  CARSKA BLATINA is Herzegovinian ( Bosnia and Herzegovina) high quality  wine made from autchotonous sort of wine grapes B L A T I N A .  This wine is a trade mark of the dry stone land Herzegovina through the centuries, has  15% addition of pollination sorts, from  localities in   in the  central  and southern parts of Herzegovina. The name becomes from the Austro Ungarian period in 19th and 20th century when the Imperator ordered to plant this sort in Mostar region. It is dark and compact living and glowing ruby color with garnet reflection, but at some impressive consistency. On the nose it opens gradually, plenty of spicy tone. Noble, nicely developed, typical of the deep and warm lasting aroma, fruity and spicy character.

  In the background, except discreetly expressed in tones of dried tobacco recognize the aromas of ripe plums, grapes, figs, marmalade of dark berry fruit, a trace occurs vanilla, carob, roasted almonds and chocolate. The taste is very attractive, soft, rounded and smooth. The flavor is delicate, slightly bitter, lively, warm, rich, full and dry. Wine is a complex, honest. The specific taste and smell varietal wine adorn Blatina ranking it among the most famous red wines.

  Wine is 12.5 -13% vol., total acidity 5.5 - 6 g/L and extract of 25-32 g/L. Goes well with lamb, roast veal, beef, game, fish - grilled and fried, smoked beef and cheese. Serve at 18ºC. Drink only in company , it is strong!