Orvieto DOC Italy wineThe secret of Orvieto lies in the underlying tufa rock and the micro-climate which causes the Botrytis cinerea. The grapes affected by the ‘noble rot’ are the ones used for the sweet wine. The intensity of the bouquet is dependant on the percentage of sugars in the wine but they all possess a subtle, elegant, and fruity bouquet and taste as smooth as velvet. The Secco is certainly extremely dry, but it remains mellow with a discernible slight bitter note in the finish. Drinking temperature for this Italian wine is 10-12°C(50-53.6°F) and 8-10°C (46.4-50°F) for Abbocato and Amabile wines. The Dolce is only made from late harvested grapes that are affected by the noble rot. This is a superlative wine that is sultry, astoundingly sensual, fulsome, and rich.

The very best of these Italian wines is known as Muffa Nobile but they are exceedingly rare. This is a very full-bodied wine that is pure liquid gold, fatty, smooth, and almost liquorous, with a never-ending aftertaste. Drink this Italian wine at 6-8°C (42.8-6.4°F).