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Wine-growing Bergerac

Bergerac is full of surprises and presents every visitor with the beauty of the natural surroundings, the zeal and passion of the winegrowers, the eternally sought after truffles, other fungi, pate de foie gras, and wild boar of the Perigord, and the emotions that are unleashed with each sip of wine.

Delight Bergerac WineThe soil of this area is chiefly a mixture of loam and chalk, loam and granite sand on the plateaux, granite sand in the Perigord and river-washed sediments and pebbles. There are terraces with poor soil and a top layer of sediment on the right bank of the Dordogne. The south-facing slopes are covered with stones. The soil on the left bank is very chalky, especially on the slopes of the hills, interspersed with some loam. Everything is present here, just as in the bordering Bordelais, to guarantee high quality for this French wines: plenty of sun, enough rain, harsh winters are not common (the exceptions being 1956, 1985, and 1987). The humidity is fairly high through the proximity with the Atlantic Ocean and the abundance of water in the Dordogne and its many tributaries.

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