Richebourg ( Côte de Nuits): Big, rich and velvety, with perfumed bouquet, intense fruit flavours and hints of chocolate. Keeps for ages.

La Romanée (Côte de Nuits): Expensive and classy Pinot which keeps for ages but is not quite so good as the wine below.

La Romanée-Conti (Côte de Nuits): Hugely expensive and fabulously complex.

La Romanée-St. Vivant (Côte de Nuits): Light, elegant and delicious but needs a decade or more to show at its best.

Ruchottes-Chambertin (Côte de Nuits): Expensive, big, rich, fruity long lasting wines.

Rully (Côte Chalonnaise): Light, fresh and fruity wines, which mellow with age.

St.Aubin (Côte de Beaune): Good value, light and fragrant Drink youngish.

St.Romain (Côte de Beaune): Good value, upfront, fruity reds. Drink young.

Santenay (Côte de Beaune): Good value, light, very fruity wines which are quick maturing but last well. Savigny-Lès-Beaune (Côte de Beaune): Medium bodied, fruity, easy-drinking, good value wines which age well.

La Tache (Côte de Nuits): Very expensive, fabulously rich and complex, silky, perfumed wines that age deliciously.

Volnay (Côte de Beaune): Medium bodied, very perfumed, silky and fruity. Age well.

Vosne-Romanée (Côte de Nuits): Very expensive and amazingly complex bouquet and flavours. Silky and classy. Age well.

Vougeot (Côte de Nuits): Expensive, fine but well balanced. Age well.

Best vintages: 1992,1990,1989,1988,1986 (for most reds), 1985,1981.


White Wines


Chardonnay: The grape for all the great Burgundy whites. Produces wines of great balance and finesse with buttery, appley flavours when young. Côte de Beaune Chardonnay at its best is dry but the intensity of the fruit gives it an almost honeyed quality. Oak ageing adds longevity, character and depth, while new wood imparts spicy, vanilla characters.

Aligoté: A variety enjoying new popularity. Produces crisp, refreshing wines best drunk young. Produces very pleasant slightly sparkling wines.

Melon de Bourgogne: Used in small quantities for blending in generic wines

Pinot Blanc: Produces well balanced wines with good acidity. Used in blending

Pinot Buerrot: Used in blending to soften Chardonnay.


Regions and Styles

Aloxe-Corton (Côte de Beaune): Expensive, big, fat, buttery, and full of flavour. Age well with oak.

Auxey-Duresses (Côte de Beaune): Soft and nutty flavour. Drink youngish.

Batard-Montrachet (Côte de Beaune): Full-bodied, rich, nutty and honeyed. Age well.

Bienvenues-Batard-Montrachet (Côte de Beaune): Expensive and classy, nutty and honeyed. Develop great complexity with age. Long-lasting.

Bourgogne Aligoté: Light, dry, crisp and acidic. Drink young.

Bourgogne Aligoté de Bouzeron (Côte Chalonnaise): Very dry with a touch of lemon and buttermilk. To be drunk young but age well in oak.

Bourgogne Blanc: Basic white from anywhere in Burgundy but there are bargains, especially wines that have seen some oak.

Chassagne-Montrachet (Côte de Beaune): Dry, classy, nutty and full of flavour. Drink youngish. Chevalier-Montrachet (Côte de Beaune): Dry, fat and rich with enormous depth of flavour. Age well. Corton (Côte de Beaune): Fine, medium-bodied wine full of flavour. Long-lasting.

Corton-Charlemagne (Côte de Beaune): Expensive and fabulous. Rich, fat buttery fruit and complex flavour overtones from the oak. Age well.

Côte Chalonnaise: Usually light, dry, fresh Chardonnay, occasionally with a little oak age. Drink young.

Crémant de Bourgogne: Improving dry, sparkling wine, mostly from Chardonnay. Drink youngish.

Criots-Batard-Montrachet (Côte de Beaune): Expensive and rare, rich, fragrant and honeyed. Last well. Hautes-Côte de Beaune: Good value, light, dry Chardonnay. Drink young.

Hautes-Côte de Nuits: as above.

Macon Blanc: Dry, fresh and fruity Chardonnay. Drink young.

Macon-Blanc Villages: Good value, young, fresh, easy drinking Chardonnay.

Mercurey (Côte Chalonnaise): Dry, light, fresh and stylish. Drink young.

Meurs au It (Côte de Beaune): Big, luscious, nutty and buttery. Last well.

Montagny (Côte Chalonnaise): Lightish and dry. Better for oak. Drink youngish.

Le Montrachet (Côte de Beaune): Fabulous depth and complexity of flavours. Honeyed, nutty, toasted and flowery. Ages magnificently for decades.

Musigny (Côte de Nuits): Expensive and rare. Rich fruit but bone dry.

Pernand-Vergelesses (Côte de Beaune): Smooth, light Chardonnays, and excellent, fresh, crisp Aligoté, both to be drunk young.

Pouilly-Fuissé (Méconnais): Balanced, rich and full bodied. Drink youngish.

Puligny-Montrachet (Côte de Beaune): Big, full bodied and steely dry. Needs time to develop its nutty, toasted, honey flavours.

Rully (Côte Chalonnaise): Crisp, dry and light Oak adds fatness. Drink youngish.

St Aubin (Côte de Beaune): Good value, underrated wines. Dry and full of flavour. Drink youngish. St.Romain (Côte de Beaune): Light, fresh, fruity Chardonnay. Drink young.

St. Véran (Maçonnais): Good value, fresh and fruity and slightly honeyed. Drink young.

Best vintages: 1990,1989,1988,1986,1985.


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