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Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux (A.O.C.)

Premieres Cotes de BordeauxThe Premières Côtes de Bordeaux region stretches from Bassens to Saint-Maixant along the entire length of the Garonne, following the river's twists and turns. This hilly region makes for pleasant walking, offering many viewpoints. Visitors will also come across a number of small chateaux, monuments, and historic sites, such as the fortified towns of Rions and Cadillac. Many famous people were born, lived or spent holidays in this area, including Rosa Bonheur, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Anatole France, François Mauriac, and Gustave Eiffel.

Pomerol (A.O.C.) Bordeaux Wine

Chateau la Grave a Pomerol Boredeaux WineIn the twelfth century, the powerful Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem established their first Libournais Commanderie in the Pomerol commune. Here they built a manor, a hospital for pilgrims on their way to Saint James of Compostela, and a church.

Though the vineyard was virtually abandoned and devastated during the Hundred Years’ War and the English occupation, it was re-established during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The vineyard again suffered during the Wars of Religion. From 1900, though, Pomerol’s wine-growers created a union to defend their appellation. One of their main objectives was to prevent winegrowers in neighboring communes from abusing the Pomerol name by stamping it on their casks.

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Nodoz (Ch.) Bordeaux Wine Region

Chateau Nodoz Bordeaux WineThis property goes back a long way: Count de Nodoz sold it in 1791 to the family of J.J. Bordes, a well-known merchant-shipowner in Bordeaux. This family improved the vineyard and established its reputation. During the winegrowing crisis of 1930, the Magdeleine family bought the property from the wine merchants Posso and Rosenfeld. Beautifully located on a gravelly hillside, the vineyard covers forty hectares in the communes of Tauriac and Lansac. It benefits from maximum sunshine thanks to its east-south-east and south-west exposure.

After a traditional vinification, Chateau Nodoz wines are matured in Bordeaux oak casks for twelve to eighteen months, depending on the vintage. The Cotes de Bourg AOC wine has been rewarded with several medals in wine competitions and high praise in specialist magazines., A robust and generous wine, it can be enjoyed young but also offers surprises to those who are willing to wait.


Pessac-Leognan (A.O.C.) Bordeaux Wine

Pessac Leognan Bordeaux WineThis is Bordeaux’s newest AOC. Because the vineyards are located within Graves, wines produced here can also be labelled with any of the region’s AOCs. Seeing their region threatened by urbanization, Pessac Leognan’s pro­ducers worked with great perseverance to obtain a specific AOC. A number of factors made this a logical step. In this part of Graves, with remarkable consistency, the soil is particularly gravelly and typical of the region. The wines stand out by their quality—confirmed by fifteen editions of the Feret guide and their soaring prices. Historically, as one of the first Bordeaux vineyards, Pessac-Leognan also deserved recognition.

Moulin Haut-Laroque (Ch.) Bordeaux Wine

Chateau Moulin Haut Laroque Fronsac Bordeaux WineThis cru is an example of a family-run vineyard. The property of the Hervé family for many generations, it took its present form at the end of the nineteenth century. The fifteen hectares of vines in the Saillans commune, part of the Fronsac AOC, are particularly well positioned. Jean-Noël Hervé, who has a great respect for tradition, has devoted himself since 1977 to bringing out the best in this outstanding terroir, and to producing wines typical of the appellation.

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