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Mondésir Gazin (Ch.) Bordeaux Wine

Chateau Mondesir Gazin Bordeaux WineMonsieur Pasquet bought this vineyard in 1990 and was able to draw on his previous experience working in Saint-Estèphe on the vineyards of Château Marbuzet—a useful apprenticeship.

When M. Pasquet acquired the vineyard, which produces a Premières Côtes de Blaye AOC cru, it was already in excellent condi¬tion, with the vines averaging twenty-five years in age. His first projects were to restore the stones of the longère —a long building typical or the region— to their original blond beauty, and to bring the cellar up to his standards. For the winemaking, a sorting facility was, added, so that only perfectly sound grapes would go into the vats.

Margaux (CH) Bordeaux Wine REGION

Margaux Wine Bordeaux LabelWith its Ionic peristyle, monumental staircase and classic facade, Chateau Margaux is as imposing as the celebrated cru of the same name. Nobility of balance and size, and a sumptuous style aptly define both this architectural jewel and the wine produced by the vine-yards that surround it. This distinguished residence housed Edward III, King of England; at the time it was one of the most imposing fortified chateaux in Guyenne. In the twelfth century, when it was known as La Mothe, it was owned by the powerful Albret family. Later it belonged to the Montferrand family, then to the Lords of Durfort.

In the mid-eighteenth century Chateau Margaux became the property of Monsieur de Fumel, a Bordeaux military commander who played a large part in building this magnificent estate's reputation. When the Marquis de la Colonilla acquired the property in 1802 he had the gothic manor house torn down and ordered the construction of the present chateau.

Listrac-Médoc Bordeaux Wine

Loupiac Bordeaux WineMonsieur d’Armailhac, in his 1855 book on viticulture in the Médoc, said the Listrac plateau could be compared to the region’s most favorably placed properties. With magnificent outcrops on either side—Forréad to the south and Fourcas to the north—the five-kilometer-long Listrac plateau is one of the highest in the Médoc. Monsieur Boissenot, a wine specialist, describes Listrac wine as follows: “Listrac wine presents in the mouth an extraordinary body, enveloping the palate. Its presence is built. This is the wine of oenophiles, this is the wine that you chew, so tight is its texture. Solidly constituted, tannic and structured, it is the perfect meeting of the fruit provided by Caber-net and the strength supplied by Merlot. As a result it is ample and silky, a mixture of spirit and virility.

Maison Blanche (Ch.) Bordeaux Wine Region

Maison Blanche  Bordeaux WineChâteau Maison Blanche is a magnificent property of forty undivided hectares. Since the addition of the Lamarsalle vineyard—which also belonged to Lord Corbin’s domain—at the beginning of the twentieth century, this has become one of the biggest and most beautiful estates of the Saint-Émilion region. It is located a few acres from the meeting point of the appellations Lalande-de-Pomerol, Pomerol, Saint-Émilion, and Montagne-Saint-Émilion, and covers part of the lands of the ancient Gallo-Roman villa Lucianus.

The division of Roze Gruignet de Lobory’s estate on May 2, 1765 showed that a vineyard existed at that time on the land of today’s Château Maison Blanche. Considered one of the best crus of the Montagne-Saint-Émilion since the early 1900s, this Bordeaux wine is known throughout the world thanks to its distribution on all five continents.

Lalande-de-Pomerol Bordeaux Wine

Lalande de Pomerol Bordeaux WineThe Lalande-de-Pomerol AOC is reserved only for wines produced in the communes of Lalande-de-Pomerol and Neac. This region from Bordeaux is located on one of the pilgrim paths that led to Saint James of Compostela. The Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem and the Knights of the Order of Malta built refuges, hospices, and residences here. Dating from the twelfth century, the church of Lalande-de-Pomerol, the only one of its kind in Libourne, is the only remaining monument of the Hospitallers.

This Bordeaux region, in which vines have been cultivated since the tenth or eleventh century, extends west from Saint-Émilion. The landscape grows less rugged towards the valley of the Isle river.


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