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Romanian wine HISTORY

Romanian wine JidveiRomania is at least having much potential as any other winemaking country from Eastern Europe. It is having an increasing reputation for Pinot Noir, especially from Dealul Mare region, but has received little foreign investment that has been enjoyed by Hungary and requires both technical and financial expertise for competing internationally.

The biggest issue in Romania is lack of consistency. From early 1990s, we’ve viewed flashes of promises from the exciting Gewürztraminer grapes from Transilvania to dark, deep, brooding Cabernet

Bordeaux Wines Classification

Bordeaux Wine MedocAmong all Bordeaux classifications existing, it is the 1855 classification that’s meant when someone refers to Classification. It had been commissioned by Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce that was needed by the government of Second Empire for presenting selection of their wines at 1855 Exposition Universelle in Paris. Because of their own requirements, Bordeaux Stock Exchange brokers traditionally categorized most popular Bordeaux properties based on the prices they fetched, hence they had been charged by the Chamber of Commerce for submitting the entire list of the classified red Bordeaux wines along with great white wines.

Bordeaux Wines

Bordeaux wineBordeaux is the region in perfect viticultural situation almost and is located in France’s west coast. This wine region benefits from ultimate marketing tool that is achateau-dependent classification system, established nearly 150 years back.

This new era seems to be simply taxing for reputation of Bordeaux as the last 20th century decade was. Rain drenched harvesting towards the ending of 1990s challenged claim of Bordeaux to be an ultimate viticultural paradise but its depressingly poor quality generic wines brought in almost much bad publicity just like grossly inflated rates of modest vintages from top chateaux. In few initial years of 21st century, weather may have improved but the generic Bordeaux quality remained abysmal, rates continued rising that too in direct relation to sales drop and finally something unimaginable took place: Robert Parker, the renowned United States wine critic failed to come for primer tastings in 2003 March.

Merchant power and Chateau system for Bordeaux Wine

Wine Bordeaux VineyardsBefore the chateau wine estate concept, land had been worked on crop-sharing basis. Slowly this feudal system changed from late seventeenth century onwards. Bordelaise brokers evolved habit of classifying and recording wines as per their growth or cru and prices that they fetched, with this, reputation of properties became established individually.

In 19th century, there was a rise of négociant or the merchants in Bordeaux. Several negociants came from English origin and few firms had been established by Irish, German, Dutch, or Scottish businessmen.

French wineFrench wine’s success has been created on deservedly popular regions that are enshrined by the AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) laws, but unwillingness to guard such system in a meaningful logic has slowly debased historic reputations at precise point in the history when the New World manufacturers are eager at establishing their own range of wines.

France owns a total of 872 hectares of land under vine that also includes 70,000 hectares for the Cognac and 6,000 hectares for the Armagnac. It produces an average of approximately 57 million hectolitres of wine each year. From the mid of 1980s, there has been a drop in French wine production by 27% in response to moving away from lower-quality end of spectrum because wine consumers have started drinking less wine but they drink the better quality ones. The way that quality is classified is a highly contentious issue that is faced by the French wine industry.


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