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Chambertin Grand CruThis is one of the best French wines from Burgundy but also one of the most difficult wines to make because of the vagaries of its microclimate. The colour is clear, pure, and intensely dark ruby red.  A young Chambertin smells of black cherry, and sometimes of bitter chocolate. Suggestions of the flavour of liquorice, truffle, and mould can be detected after several years maturation which after a further period of maturity has a tendency towards leather and animal scents, combined  with the aromas of preserved fruits. This French wine is strong in tannin but this harmonises well with the rounded, full, almost fat taste of the wine and its elegant, refined acidity. The taste is reminiscent of ripe fruit and tends towards black cherry jam with the suggestion of liquorice.



This French wine has been famous since the seventh century. It is a superb, and intensely dark red in colour with the scent of raspberry, suggestions of wood, and spices, and occasionally of roasted almonds. The taste is full and powerful, fatty, and well structured. This is certainly a wine to lay down.



Chambertin Grand CruThis French wine is slightly less well structured and full than a Chambertin Clos-de-Beze. There can be a hint of spiced loaf in the scent with the occasional suggestion of marmalade. This is still though a very elegant wine.



This French wine is full-bodied, complex, and very well structured. Here too there are suggestions of spiced bread and orange. This is a superb wine which remains supple and velvety smooth despite its intrinsic power.



This French wine has a wonderful colour, seducing perfume of strawberry, black cherry, and raspberry, with the occasional hint of apricot stone, lime blossom, or liquorice. Wood can sometimes dominate too much, especially in the nose of immature wine.

The fruitiness is released when the wine is swirled around the glass for a time. The aftertaste is a true experience: preserved fruits such as cherry, exotic wood, herbs, and spices. This is a classic and complex French wine that retains sufficient fruitiness to remain charming. This wine should certainly not be drunk too warm (max. 64.4°F/18°C).

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