This wine has sugar content of 12-20 grams per litre.



Although termed 'dry' this is really a semi-sweet Cava but still fairly fresh and pleasing with sugar content of 17-3S grams per litre.


CAVCava Brut Spanish wineA SEMI-SECO

This Cava starts to taste really sweet but not yet too sweet. The Spanish still prefer this sweeter sparkling wine to the Extra Seco or Brut. It has a sugar content of 33-50 grams pr litre.



This wine is for those who like a truly sweet wine. Its sugar content is greater than 50 grams per litre.



In addition to Cava there are a number of other sparkling wines made in Spain which are not permitted to be termed Cava DO.



This sparkling wine is made by the same method as Cava but from areas which are not permitted to be Cava DO. The quality is generally nothing special although some are very pleasant. These wines are seldom encountered outside their area of origin.



Granvas is the Spanish name for the methode charmat or methode cuve close.

The principle is simple: the second fermentation takes place in a huge tank (grandes envases) that is hermetically sealed instead of in the bottle. The wine is clarified and bottled after the second fermentation. The taste with this type of wine is also determined by the sugar content.

The gradations from dry to sweet are:

- Extra Brut (less than 6 g /1 sugar)

- Brut ( 0-15 g/1)

- Extra Seco (12-20 g /1)

- Seco (17-35 g/1)

- Semi-Seco (33-50 g/1)

- Dulce (more than 50 g/1).