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    Colli di Parma Italian WineThe best Malvasia wines are wholly made from Malvasia di Candia Aromatica but there are less refined types in which the Malvasia is supplemented to a maximum of 15% with Moscato grapes. Depending on the style of Italian wine it may be pale to intense golden in colour.

    The nose is very aromatic and characteristic of Malvasia grapes. The taste is also characteristic, fresh, and harmonious. Some of these Italian wines are offered with a touch of carbonic acid gas or even as a Frizzante. There is also a Spumante of this Malvasia. Drinking temperature for this Italian wine is 50-53.6°F (10-12°C).

  • Italian wines from Lazio region


    Montefalcione Italian Map WineThis Italian wine has a richer past than the present-day quality might suggest. According to stories originating in the fourteenth century this was once an excellent wine. On one of his journeys, the bishop Giovanni Defuk sent his page Martino on ahead in search of the best wine with instructions to write ‘Est!’ (here it is) on the door of the inn that served the best wine. When he arrived in Montefialcone, the page was so taken with the local wine that he wrote ‘Est! Est!! Est!!!’ on the door of the inn.