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  • Wine and country


      A quick glance at the shelves in a supermarket would make anyone think that wine was made all over the world.

     However, this is not the case as grapes require warmth and water in order to thrive. Of course, there are many other factors affecting the final quality fo a wine. Different countries, and indeed different regions, have acquired reputation for certain types of wine. For years, France was regarded as the true home of quality wine but now Australian and Californian wintages are among the best regarded.

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  • Wine regions - Australia

     Vines are grown in almost every part of Australia but wines are only produced in the cooler southern parts. Australia can be roughly split into seven large regions.

    Western Australia

    The only good wine area of Western Australia lies far to the south of Perth, just inland from the southwestern coastal strip.

    Margaret River

    Margaret river is an extremely interesting area that is less well-known outside Australia, but this is likely to change. The climate is strongly influenced by the ocean.

     The soil is mainly a mixture of gravel and gravelbearing loam and sand on underlying granite. Margaret River is mainly known for its good Cabernet Sauvignon, but other grapes do well here too.{jcomments on}