• Hungarian wine-growing

    wine-growing from Hungary

    Harslevelu Hungarian GrapesHungary is a relatively small Central European state with the greatest distance from east to west being 530 km (331 miles) and 270 km (168 miles) from north to south. The climate is determined by changing fronts from three different climate systems: the severe Russian continental climate, the pleasant Mediterranean climate, and remnants of a moderate maritime climate. Winters are moderately cold and the summers are hot.

    Hungarian wine-growing dates back to the time of the Roman emperor Probus who had vineyards planted on slopes along the Danube in about 276 AD. These vineyards were significantly extended during the period that the Austro-Hungarian Empire flourished. During the period of Soviet domination Hungary was ‘permitted’ to produce large amounts of steel so that the wine industry was to a large extent neglected. The Hungarian wines of that era were produced in huge agricultural plants and disappeared to the USSR.

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