• Graves & Graves Superieures Bordeaux Wines

    Graves Bordeaux WinesIt is undoubtedly in this area, within and just outside the city of Bordeaux, that the region's winemaking roots run deepest. Graves wines, both red and white, have always increased the reputation of Bordeaux wines around the world. During the Middle Ages they were particularly renowned, and punishments were severe for those who cheated the public by passing off wines from other regions as being from Graves. Under the jurisdiction of Bordeaux, the vineyard at that time completely encircled the city.

  •  Working in vineyardAnnual pruning, aimed at limiting excessive growth of the woody stem and giving a balanced yield, normally takes place between December and March. The potential number of buds is determined by the strength of the plant, and this has a direct effect on the size of the harvest. In spring the work consists of “unearthing” the vines - the soil is raked into the middle of the row, creating a loose layer that should stay relatively dry.

    The ground is tended throughout the whole growing cycle, according to need: self- propagating plants are destroyed, the loose topsoil is maintained and loss of moisture through evaporation is prevented.

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