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    Hungarian wineIt is impossible in short to describe all the wine areas of Hungary so the emphasis is placed on the best of them. In 1998 there were at least 22 different wine areas in Hungary of which the best are Sopron, Aszar- Nesmzmely, and Etyek (north west), Matraalja, Eger, and Tokajhegyalja (north east), Villany Siklos, Szekszard, and Tolna (south west), with to a lesser extent Badacsony (north east), Balatonfiired- Csopak, Balatonmellek, and Del-Balaton (Lake Balaton).


    Sopron Hungarian Wine

    Sopron is a perfect example of a restored and cared for old historic town. The old town centre is one of the most attractive in Europe. The area surrounding the town is also beautiful with green undulating hills and enormous fields of oilseed rape.