• Tarragona Spanish wine

    Tarragona Spanish wine

    Tarragona wine and region

    The vineyards of Tarragona were already in existence in Roman times. In those times loads of full-bodied, strong, and sweet fortified Tarragona wines were shipped to Rome. The trade was later taken over by the French at which point Tarragona flourished in the sale of wine in bulk volume. This heavy wine was very suitable for ‘cutting’ various so-called French wines, and trade flourished, especially after Algeria, which was the former main supplier, gained its independence. A small amount of Tarragona Classico is still produced today but in common with the rest of Penedés the emphasis has now increasingly been placed on quality wines. Much has changed since the 1960s but to a less spectacular extent than in Penedés.

  • Wine trade and Yquem Bordeaux Wines


    Trade Wine BordeauxThe term négoce is used to describe the commercial companies in the Gironde that market Bordeaux wine, in France and abroad, to an extremely diverse and ever-growing clientele. Historically, the wine trade of the Gironde has always played an important role in spreading the reputation of Bordeaux wines around the world. Its heyday goes back to the end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth century, when a large number of wine merchants, most of them Anglo-Saxon or Scandinavian, settled in the Chartrons district of Bordeaux, on the left bank of the Garonne.

  • Wines today

    History of wines

    Today the cultural importance of wine can be seen in everiday life, particulary in countries such as France and Italy where a meal isn't really complete without a glass of wine to accompany it. In the United Kingdom and the United States, consumption and interes in the subject continues to increase.

    Archaeologists have discovered evidence of winemaking taking place some 12,000 years ago. The cultivation of the wine first flourished around the Black Sea, and then the Persians helped to spread the word through Assyria. Evidence of innovation taking place in Egypt and the Mediterranean ..

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