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    Colline Lucchesi Bianco Wine WhiteThe Italian vineyards of this area are sited on the hills between Lucca and Montecarlo. The area around Lucca is well-known for the superb olive oil and excellent white and red wines. Unfortunately these Italian wines are only available in limited quantities and the demand is huge.

    The Bianco delle Colline Lucchesi (also known as Colline Lucchesi Bianco) is made from 50-70% Trebbiano Toscano, 5-15% Greco or Grecchetto, 5-15% Vermentino Bianco, and not more than 5% Malvasia grapes. This Bianco is a pale golden colour and its nose is very subtle and elegant. The taste is quite dry, fulsome, and harmonious.

  • Tuscan Wine Region


    Tuscan wine making

    Tuscane Italy Wine MapThe Italian vineyards of Tuscany are spread throughout the area, extending from north of Pisa to Florence (Firenze), from Sienna to Montalcino and Montepulciano, from south of Livorno to the border with Latium and Umbria, and finally to the island of Elba. In addition to the famous Italian wines (Chianti, Brunello, and Vino Nobile) there are countless less well-known wines waiting to be discovered. With the prices of some of the best known Tuscan wines going through the roof it is well worth searching in relatively unknown areas. The Italian wines from the area around the little town of Lucca are reasonably priced for their quality. A search through Tuscan wines is rewarded by authenticity and character in the wines. Our journey through Tuscany starts in the north and we gradually travel southwards.

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