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France still seth the standards by which most of the world’s finest wines are judged, but ar far as store sales are concerned, australian wines are rapidly moving into pole position. 

The French have certainly long been lovers of wine, from the red wine plonk for daily drinking of the vin ordinaire to the great wines from Bordeaux and Burgungdy. Life without wins is unthinkable to most of the French. Daily enjoyment of wine, with family of friends, or with a meal, is an essential pause in French life. Wine is the soul of the French always managed to save that soul.

 In contrast though, pick up almost any international wine list in a restaurant and French wines still dominate. It will be fascinating to see if French wines can fight back over the next decade.

Wines France The system of Appellations d’origine Contrôlées (AC) used in France – which defines the region in which a wine’s grapes are grown, the varieties used, and the manner of production – may have its restrictions but it is still the first piece of information many people look for on a label. Vin de Pays, the lowest category of France wine, does not follow strict AC rules, but today it can hold many a pleasant surprise and bargain for the wine lover.


 Bordeaux  Burgundy   Alsace  The Rhône  The Loire Valley 

   Languedoc-Roussillon&Provence    Champage


+13 #3 Barbarra 2013-08-20 10:10
All time I like French wine because is a fine and good wine. In present is so hard to find another wine like French wine even the prices for French wine is no so down.
+13 #2 Portks Ianis 2013-07-16 11:12
Maybe the French wines is so good because they have an tradition of generations. Don't you think this?
+19 #1 Cecilia T 2013-02-12 01:26
French Wine is the best in all world. And nobody can tell me French Wine is not to first place.

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