German wines need to be served at the correct temperature. Whites that are too cold and reds that are too warm are the most common mistakes.


Type of wine

Drinking temperature

Very sweet (Trockenbeerenauslese, Eiswein)


6- 8°C

Light young white wine ( to Kabinett)


8- 10°C

Pull, rich white wine (e.g. Halbtrocken, Spütlese, Auslese)

(50- 53.6°F)

10- 12°C

Rosé, new autumn white, Schiller, Rotling, Badisch Rotgold


8- 10°C

Light young red wine (e.g. Portugieser, Trollinger)



Rich red wine (e.g. Spütburgunder, Spütlese)



Rich red wine (cask matured)

(57 .2- 60.8°F)


People are often accustomed to drink their wines in this way which is a great pity for every wine has a message to deliver, provided the taster is receptive and judges the wine for its true value.