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This red French wine mainly originates from the slopes and high plateaux. It is predominantly fine fruity wine with nose and aromas of strawberry, blackcurrant, and other small red fruit. This French wine is enjoyable when drunk young. Drinking temperature: 12-14°C (53.6- 57.2°F) .



It is mainly the better Bergerac reds that fall under this name. These are French wines with an intense colour, more structure, greater complexity, that have a bouquet of preserved fruit like plum and prune. These French wines are invariably high in both alcohol and tannin. Drinking temperature: 14- 16°C (57.2-60.8°F).



The vineyards of the quality red wine of Pecharmant are favourably sited in an amphitheatre of hills. The soil determines the quality of the wine. Sand and gravel that have been deposited from the erosion of granite have been washed frequently in the Cotes de Bergerac red winescourse of the centuries by the sea and rivers. It is this hard top layer, that is impermeable by water, which gives the wine its typical terroir derived taste.

French wine from Pecharmant is generally dark in colour and very concentrated, being high in tannin, and therefore bitter and undrinkable when young. It can certainly be laid down and when more mature it is fuller and has a broad assortment in its nose and taste. Drinking temperature: 16-17°C (60 .8-62.6°F).



Manbazillac liquid gold wineBergerac Rose is generally quite pleasing but a fairly simple French wine. It is produced by the saignee method. Pollowing the short maceration it is always a fresh, companionable wine that is salmon pink and possesses broad aromas of fruit. Drink this simple French wine at 12°C (53.6°F) .



The vineyards of Bergerac Blanc Sec are sited on both banks of the Dordogne, principally on the hills and plateaux. The increasingly widely used modern method of vinification such as maceration pelliculaire imparts greater richness in both taste and aroma than the wine otherwise would possess naturally. Drinking temperature for Bergerac Sec French wine: 10-12°C (50-53.6°F) .



The superb dry white Montravel is produced in the extreme west of the Dordogne. Here too modern French wine-making methods produce a wine that is very aromatic, and also velvet smooth in the mouth. Ordinary Montravel can be drunk young as a fruity French wine but can also be kept a couple of years. Better quality Montravel, which is first aged in oak, needs to be kept somewhat longer. Drinking temperature for Montravel French wine: 10-12°C (50-53.6°F) .

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