Pairing wine with good does not have to be a science although it can be confusing, particularly today when there is such choice in the food and wine available.

Concentrating on the basic characteristics of various wines and the flavours of different foods is the key to finding compability. For a dinner party, it’s well worth taking the trouble to select a wine which will show off your food to good effect.

When slelcting a wine to accompany food, consider the main ingradient and more importantly, the strongest flavour in the dish. It’s easy to match chichen when it;s plainly cooked, but in most cases a sauce or marinade provides the predominant flavour. A Thai green chicken curry presents a bit more of a challenge, but can be matched with a fruiy Sémillon or Sauvignon Blanc. Sharply flavoured chutneys and spicy salsas can affect the taste of a wine, and if a dish is cooked in beer, or generally makes sense to drink o similar beverage with it.