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This is a very interesting Swiss wine that is made from the same blue Pinot Noir (minimum 80%) and Gamay grapes used for the Dole. Drinking temperature for Dole Blanche Swiss wine is 8-12°C (46.4-53.6°F).



Hermitage Swiss WineErmitage or Marsanne Blanche is a grape that originates from the French Rhone valley. Here it delivers a first class white Ermitage Sec but even more importantly the excellent sweet Ermitage Flétri. The second of these Swiss wines originates from vineyards on the steep slopes of Sion, Fully, and Sierre. Few wines develop such an impressive series of aromas as a top-class Ermitage Flétri. Drinking temperature for this dry Swiss wines is 8-12°C (46.4-53.6°F) and 6-9°C (42.8-48.2°F) for the sweet Swiss wines.

Fendant is undoubtedly the best advertisement for Valais and it is living proof that a soft grape such as Chasselas can make fine wines from the roughest of soils.

Fendant is certainly not a philosophical Swiss wine, more a matter of straightforward pleasure. Every Fendant is an ambassador for Valais and its individual terroir. Hence a Fendant from Sion tastes different from one from Sierre.

In general it can be said that the best Fendant is a dry, lively wine which is high on juice, with definite flinty undertones. Drinking temperature is 8-10°C (46.4-50°F) for light and fruity Fendant Swiss wine but 10-12°C (50-53.6°F) for sturdier examples.



This Swiss wine from Valais is claimed to have ‘magical’ properties as a tonic. Whether or not this is true, it is an excellent wine that is difficult to find. Drinking temperature for Humagne Blanche is 8-12°C (46.4-53.6°F).



This is another well-known white wine from Valais. Johannisberg is the local Valais name for the Sylvaner grapes which thrive well here.

This Swiss wine is mellow and soft yet rounded and sometimes even fulsome with discernible nose and taste of Muscat. It is the unexpected taste of Muscat that makes this Swiss wine such a good aperitif. Drinking temperature for Johannisberg Swiss wine is 8-12°C/46.4-S3.6°F (the colder the better).



Malvoisie (Pinot Gris) also produces a dry Swiss wine or a sweet from partially dried grapes. The dry Malvoisie is excellent with mushrooms and other fungi. Malvoisie Pletri is superb with pate de foie gras. Drinking temperature for this dry Swiss wine is 8-12°C (46.4-S3.6°F) and 6-9°C (42.8-48.2°F) for sweet ones.

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