Steps to ensure the revival and survival of Vino Nobile were only taken with recent decades. Considerable money and time has been spent on renovating both the vineyards and wine making equipment. This was rewarded in 1980 with Italy’s top DOCG denomination.

Carpineto Vino noblile ItalyThe basis for this sublime red wine is 60-80% Sangiovese grapes (known locally as Prugnolo) and 10-20% Canaiolo Nero. A maximum of 10% of other blue or even white grapes such as Trebbiano Toscano can be added to these two base grapes. Vino Nobile’s strength does not merely lie in the grapes used and the soil but also in the relatively low yield (in Italian terms). Vino Nobile wine is usually granite red, sometimes but not always intense, with occasional orange glints as the wine ages. The aroma of the wine is intense, sublime, yet subtle, evoking whole bunches of violets.

The taste is fulsome, rounded, and can be quite tannic when young. This is never a light wine since the minimum alcohol must 12.5% and this is considerably exceeded. This Italian wine is best decanted into a broad carafe or port decanter a quarter of an hour before drinking. This permits the wine to breathe and to develop its bouquet. Drinking temperature for this Italian wine is 59-60.8°F (15-16°C) when young (if you must) but better when mature at 60.8-64.4 °F (16-18°C).