Once mature the colour tends towards mauve. The bouquet is intense and fruity and reminiscent of ripe blackberries. The taste is fulsome and warm (minimum alcohol 13%), dry and tannic. Drinking temperature for this Italian wine is 16-18°C (60.8-64.4°F).

The Passito is also made wholly from Sagrantino grapes but these are first partially sun-dried. Fermentation is a slow process, following centuries old methods. The resulting wine is ruby coloured with a characteristic blackberry bouquet and fulsome but slightly tannic taste that is warm and sweet (minimum 14.5% alcohol). You can serve this Italian wine at 16-18°C (60.8-64.4°F) with meat or 14-16°C (57.2-60.8°F) with pastries. If you wish to chill this wine do so rather than ignore this Italian wine.