This very aromatic and approachable French wine is made with Cabernet Franc and/or Cabernet Sauvignon. When young it is full of tannin and should be chilled for drinking. Drink this Saumr Rouge French wine at temperature: 12- 14°C (53.6- 57.2°F).

After this French wine has aged for a few years the Saumur red can be served a little less cool. This French wine is then fuller in taste and more fleshy. Drinking temperature for Saumur Rouge French wine at: 15°C (59°F).



This is an extremely small appellation of dry rose that is produced from Cabernet Pranc grown on chalky soil. The colour is a wonderful salmon pink and the wine is very fresh tasting with great fruitiness (raspberry and redcurrant). Drinking temperature: 10-12°C (50- 53.6°F).



This is a delightful full-bodied sweet white French wine from the Chenin Blanc grown on a bed of tufa. This French wine with its rich full taste and surfeit of fruity (pear and citrus fruit) and floral aromas together with the suggestion of toast and hot croissants can be drunk just for the pleasure. Drinking temperature for this Coteaux de Saumur French wine: 8-10°C(46 .4- 50°F).



Saumur Champigny French winesIt is the underlying chalk that distinguishes this French wine. Both Cabernet grapes here develop rich aromas of red fruit and spices. This French wine achieves its full promise after maturing for a number of years. Drinking temperature for this French wine: 12°C (53.6°F) when young and 15°C (59°F ) when mature. A classic example of a traditional old-fashioned and powerful SaumurChampigny can be found at the Chiiteau de Villeneuve (Souzay-Champigny) from the friendly Chevallier family. A less classical French wine but superb and very seductive Saumur-Champigny is the wonderful Chateau du Hureau (Dampierre-surLoire) from the Vatan family.