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WINEXPLORER is a company born from a previous company started 10 years ago, selling wine to select restaurants across Europe. We have successfully combined selling direct from the producer to consumer and recently included direct through the internet shopping.


WINEXPLORER has taken an extra step to directly serve the consumers while optimizing savings for the end user. It is an online store open 24hrs, 7 days a week, providing customer support and ongoing advice in selecting the perfect wine. Guaranteed, speak with an online agent for support at anytime. We combine our passion for wine with the fluidity of the web.
Our key characteristics are:

  • simplicity and clean graphics
  • easy to navigate and user friendly
  • top quality products, plenty of choice, convenience and a unique selection, including gluten free biological products
  • we carry national and international wine labels
  • descriptive video and audio of various products

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