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Fresco Di Vigna Wine Store

The firm, founded in 1990, has always been a synonymous with quality in the marketing and selection of the best brands of national wines, liqueurs, Italian sparkling wines, Italian brandy and every aspect of the wine world. A great passion for the wine world has been turned in business almost by joke.

From a long passion lasted more than fifteen years, an ambitious idea to look into the future came through trying to broaden the business horizon through the new technological means of e-commerce and without neglecting the traditional methods used in the management company that have always marked the way we operate commercially such as a careful selection of the best products and contact with our customers characterised by a sincere cooperation and availability.

The wine shop "Frescodivigna" counts on a surface of more than 1000 square meters under controlled temperature and humidity and where the most valuable brands are carefully and wisely preserved.

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