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Comunian Vine Wine Store Online


We have been in the beverage distribution business for more than 30 years

With an unparalleled commitment to timely delivery to final customers we are able to deliver mixed orders from more than 2000 products in 4 hours from placing the order, even if it is just one bottle. All of our young, dynamic staff are constantly trained to assist you with any issue arising from your order in the best possible way.
We also focus carefully on selecting premium wines with the best price-quality ratio. Regular customers are followed by our salespeople, all of whom are certified wine tasters, with selected wine tasting sessions and courses, theme evenings, and advice on wine and food match.

In 2009 we opened our new, partly automated, warehouse in Via Svezia, Padova (Italy), which allowed us to double our stoking capacity and add a dedicated beer keg tapping and wine tasting room. In 2012 we started our “Export Project”: we are currently selecting suitable beverage distribution companies in our target markets with their own client base who are interested in a partnership to export the Italian wine culture around the world. We are also equipped to give local training to foreign salespeople in Italy.

In addition, through our website we offer our products directly to private customers. EU law is quite strict with that but we are most definitely up for the challenge.

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