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Plonk Wine Merchants is the ultimate online destination for artisanal, obscure, and most importantly, affordable wine.

Plonk Wine Merchants brings you an expertly curated collection of incredible premium quality wine from around the globe at inexpensive prices. All wines in this store are priced strictly at $30 or below and offer an outstanding bang for the buck. In addition, many of the bargain wines you'll find here are organic, biodynamic, or rare "diamonds in the rough" made from lesser-known grapes, and are virtually impossible to find in traditional retail outlets.

Plonk Wine Merchants offers cutting edge monthly wine clubs including a red wine club, a white wine club, and an international/seasonal wine club, which make the perfect gift for wine enthusiasts and novices alike.

The store has been designed to translate a personalized brick and mortar shopping experience to the digital space, and to that end, you will find an interactive video review on every single wine we sell so you can get a live preview as to what’s in the bottle.



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