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Micah and David been consuming reds, whites and blushes around the world for years, but especially right here in LA. Much of the LA wine drinking was developed through a friendship with The Candy Maker. Micah kept bringing the chocolate maker homemade marshmallows, and we kept buying his wines at remarkably low prices. David, of course, kept buying the wine and the chocolate.

So, what do chocolate and marshmallows have to do with wine anyway? Well, the chocolate maker was also a major wine distributor. The prices were low because the labels were blemished. BLEMISHED labels, yikes! What about the wine? Well, it was always PERFECT.

But alas, one day the candy factory was gone. Just like that it was sold and the wine disappeared. No more treasure hunt in the candy factory, and no more wonderful wine at wonderful prices. Aaaah... but that changed over a meal (with wine).


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