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The beginning of Brown Derby dates back to 1937 when Mr. John A. Morris opened his first liquor store in Springfield, Missouri. Back then, a cold six pack of beer and a half pint of whiskey were the beverage of choice.

Today, 75 years later, the tables have turned. Through extensive travels around the world, tasting and meeting the world-renowned brew masters, winemakers, and master distillers, Brown Derby has positioned itself as a leader in the Wine and Spirits industry.

Our Brown Derby International Wine Center in Springfield, Missouri has paved the way to national and international recognition to thousands of customers and dozens of wine critics and writers.

These include:

  1. Brown Derby International Wine Center has been named one of "America's Top Wine Shops" in Food & Wine Magazine's Official Wine Guide 2000.
  2. Member of the Wine & Spirits Guild of America since 1958
  3. "One of America's 10 Best Retailers" Liquor Store Magazine
  4. "One of America's 12 Best Retailers" Market Watch Magazine
  5. "One of the Top 10 Retailers" Wine & Spirits Magazine

Our selection and depth of selections are second to none. In our 5,000 square foot temperature and humidity controlled wine cellar, we house over 70,000 bottles of wine that date back to the late 1800's. We are constantly adding more inventory to our online store, and chances are, that even if you do not see it, there is a good chance we carry it. Please request a catalog or give us a call at 1-800-491-3438 and we invite you to share in our discoveries and labor of love.

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